Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Bluegrass festival, Mardi Gras, Moose!

What a weekend we had, packed full of fun.  There was a three day music festival in town and some friends came to stay with us and boogie.  We had moose in and out of the neighborhood.  The ski area hosted their annual Mardi Gras celebration.  And we got a ton of new snow after a week and a half dry spell.  Fun and excitement at every turn!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Ski Season

Audrey and Julian started getting used to their equipment as soon as we got it home from the rental shop back in October.
The we took it outside to the front yard when the snow started falling.  Here I am grooming the slope.

Julian was fearless on the ski runs, so much so that a launch off the side of the cat track didn't shake him up much.  So he went on the the Rough Rider Basin where you ski past the jail and through the tipis and trading post.

A grown up ski outing to celebrate our buddy's birthday
Lovely horse-drawn sleigh ride.  The driver said it was the first time he had 5 across the front up there with him.

Here's a bit of unstable snow that Chris and pals saw after they decided not to ski a similar near-by pitch.  Way to go Safe Skiers!

And here is Audrey getting set to do her first ski "race": the Soda Pop Slalom.  She was mostly in it for the goodie bag and was giving herself pep talks that "I don't really have to go fast".

Julian was going to do it as well but he is sick and didn't have the energy, as proven when we did a little warm up run and I had to carry him :(
See Audrey's results at the link below.

Once in a while we do something in the snow besides ski, here are the kids in a ski fort we constructed

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Here is a collection of pictures from some of our favorite celebrations over the past handful of months.

We dressed as a Frozen Crew, Chris (taking the picutre) was Kristoff, Audrey is Elsa, I'm Anna (its hard to see in the picture but in person my silver streak in the braid really completed the look) and Julian is a little Olaf, he refused the carrot nose.


We feasted with our buddies, the Urbick family, including the dog, Zoey (the cat  had to stay home.) Everyone loved the bananas.


 The preschool pageant was precious.  Audrey was up front on the mic to sing Silent Night and Julian's sweet little class of lambs looked adorable while the piano played in the background.

 Everyone tried really hard to get Santa to grant our Christmas wishes, and our Elf must have positive reports because we were all happy come Christmas morning.

New Years:
 Kev's Birthday:

Grandpa was very generous with his birthday cake and everyone enjoyed their slice.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Snow angels

These pictures are from back in November, now the snow is piled up as high as the windows.  The blog program has not been cooperating and I'm just now taking the time to figure it out...if this goes well there could be more posts coming soon!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Autumn Beauty

We had a campfire dinner picnic last night just outside of town, sure was pretty